What we do

We provide engineering and consulting services for mining companies during all phases of projects from feasibility studies to mine site closure and reclamation.
Our services cover, tailing and waste management, water management, geotechnical engineering and infrastructure


We support mining operators throughout the duration of the mine in the construction of mine waste dumps and industrial tailings storage facilities. We implement the best techniques for economic optimization under the required safety conditions and respect for the environment.

Our services cover different project phases
  • Geotechnical investigation and soil characterisation
  • Detailed design
  • Construction
  • Closure and site rehabilitation


MECATER Engineering offers solutions adapted to the environmental constraints specific to each project:
  • Design and monitoring of construction work on dams and water reservoirs
  • Industrial water supply and distribution projects (pumping wells, river catchment, pipes, canals, etc.) ;
  • Mining dewatering, settling and control of discharges into the natural environment ;
  • Development of water streams and mining catchements ;
  • Coastal protection and development studies (fattening of beaches, groynes, jetties, breakwaters, etc.)


Experts perform proper diagnostic and design innovative solutions suitable for mining and industrial environments
  • Temporary and Permanent Excavation Support
  • Foundation Design
  • Soil and Rock Slope Stability
  • Buried Infrastructure
  • Pavement Design and Rehabilitation
  • Water Retaining Structures
  • Dewatering
  • Landslide Risk Assessments
  • Earthworks
  • Ground Improvement
  • Seismic Hazard Assessments
  • Liquefaction Assessments


MECATER Engineering offers complete environmental engineering solutions according to an optimized economic approach to projects :
  • Environmental impact studies and audits in accordance with regulations and standards ;
  • Rehabilitation projects for mining sites and natural environments impacted by industrial activity ;
  • Waste management studies (inert, non-hazardous and hazardous).


MECATER Engineering has a specialist engineer and a network of consultants capable of offering innovative solutions adapted to all mining and industrial projects:
  • Mining studies (geotechnical and hydrogeological surveys, stability and optimization of mining pits, design of underground excavations, reinforcement of soils, rock slopes and walls of underground excavations) ;
  • Geotechnical and environmental studies relating to mining projects and in particular the mining waste storage sites
  • Design studies and monitoring of industrial infrastructure construction works (earthworks, foundations, roads, railways, ore carrier docks, runways, etc) ;
  • Risk and vulnerability studies of industrial sites, as well as technical and environmental audits.


Experimental development, based on knowledge obtained through research and / or practical experience is carried out by means of prototypes or pilot plants with a view of developing new techniques or optimizing the techniques practiced.